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Thursday, 8 July 2010
Firecracker Runs 2010
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Topic: Firecracker RD Report

Firecracker Run - Race Director’s Report
Brownfield, Tx

July 3, 2010

“A River Ran Through It”

        A river ran through the course; the in-case-of-rain alternate course had three blocks of knee-deep rushing water; for two hours before the scheduled start approximately 600 potential runners called to see if the race was still on; and the rain came down and down and down, alternating from a light drizzle to full buckets from heaven.
        In a 48-hour period, Brownfield officially had over 8 inches of rain. 
        But, oh my, what a great race we had at the Firecracker Runs in Brownfield this year.  The temperature was just right; we sang the national anthem; everybody was smiling and enjoying the company; many Brownfield supporters showed up to cheer; and 122 hardy athletes completed the 3-mile course.
        Lordy, how many would we have had if it had been sunny!
        Just before race time and after consultations with the high command of the WTRC, we decided to cancel the 1-mile and 10-mile runs.  Both courses would have been too dangerous.  We established an alternate 3-mile course, and with its running, the tradition of the continuously-run Firecracker is carried on.
        All the officers and members of the club should be proud of the fact that next year will be the 42nd annual Firecracker Run.
        Tell me another local running club in America that has done such a thing, and I will personally send them a letter of congratulations.
        We had no new records for this year’s run, but we did have a few individuals of note in the race.  Chris Rodriguez, 9th overall and age group 40-44 winner held the 10-mile record for that age for many years since he set it in 2000.  Paul Darden, participating in his first WTRC race, is the excellent cross country coach at Sundown.  Chad Carver, who has run other WTRC races was 11th overall, is a fine distance runner and an outstanding physician in Lovington, New Mexico, 60 wet miles to the west of Brownfield.
        Much thanks to the men and women who make it happen, the volunteers:  Randy Holloway, David Higgins, Suzan Caudle, Gabrielle Saldana, Lee Handlin, Bob Jackson, Shannon Anderson, Ron Lubowicz, and George Jury.  Thanks also to P.J. and Wayne who were selling shirts and giving away hats for those who signed up for next month’s Hot Dam Race.
        On Thursday night before the Saturday race, Wayne and P.J. hit a deer while riding in PJ's BMW south of Lovington.  The car is not good, but Wayne and P.J. are fine.
        A special thanks to many in Brownfield:  Chamber of Commerce President Lorena Valencia; Police Chief Tony Valasquez; Brownfield News Editor Brian Brisendine; Recreational Director Scott Jackson; Water Department Director Butch Wagner; and Joe Sears who sang our national anthem. 

Jim Harris, Lovington

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Friday, 21 May 2010
Hugh Haynes Memorial HSB 2010

Hugh Haynes Memorial HSB 2010 

Once again, we had an excellent turnout, 167 finishers, for one of the best courses in the West Texas Running Club race series. Horseshoe Bend offers something for everyone. Whether you want a quick morning test in the 2 mile event or the longer climbs of the 6 and 11 mile races, there is a race for you. As a reward for getting to the top of the first climb, the 11 and 6 milers found a cool, stiff breeze to deal with.

We had two age group records set this year in the 6 mile event. Mike Zinno went 37:51 in the 40-44 Male age group and Susan Bacon went 53:42 in the 45-49 Female Age group.I want to thank all the volunteers who arrived very early to help get these races off. They were: George Jury, David Higgins, Suzan Caudle, Terry Dalton, Weldon Kolb, Elizabeth Linder, Ed Price, Amy Hancock, and Hayley Davis.


Randy Holloway

HSB Race Director

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Thursday, 22 April 2010
Run for the Arts RD report 2010
Topic: RFA 2010 Report

Despite rain soaked roads the Run For the Arts had great attendance! The Kid’s Café 1 Mile began with three trumpets playing “The Star Spangled Banner” with Raider Red and the Quick Quack Duck in attendance. The 1 mile Kid’s Café Run started at 8:00am and had 68 finishers. Starting at 8:30am, the 15K and 2M had 160 finishers. There were three new records, all in the 2 mile:  Jake Brownfield with a time of 12:56 in the Male 6-12 age group, Amanda Boston with a time of 13:03 in the 25-29AG(and new overall female record) and Iris Rivero with a time of 13:08 in the 35-39AG. It was an exciting time at the finish line as these were the top three finishers with Amanda just seconds in front of Iris. Way to go!  Please thank all of the wonderful volunteers that made the day run smoothly! They are Susan Wilcox, Ray Major, Jimmy Clark, Janette Hastings, Bryan Hastings, Brandon Hastings, Rebekah Hastings, Ken Spain, Damon Provence, Amy McAlexander, Eric Fisher, PJ Mitchell, Wayne Sullivan, Malinda Colwell, Michaela Jansen, Juan Mojica, Jay Keith, Gary Evans, Randy Holloway, David Higgins, George Jury, Jon M Bruegel, Shannon Anderson, Adam Barron, Marie Meyer, Barbara Lubowicz, David Weaver, Terry Dalton, and the Girlstown girls who staffed the middle water stop! A special thanks to sponsors PJ Mitchell for providing door prizes, United Supermarkets for their gracious donation, to FootTech for the special door prizes, Culligan Water, South Plains Food Bank and Outback Steakhouse.  Kuddos also to Susan Wilcox and Amy McAlexander for pulling double duty, helping Friday and Saturday with packet pickup! As a first time race director I must say it was a great experience!  You should try it sometime..

Suzan Caudle, RFA Race Director 2010

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Thursday, 18 February 2010
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Topic: CottonPatch Report

Race Director’s Report 2010

Event: 38th Annual Cotton Patch Runs, Texas Boys Ranch, Feb 13th  Weather: just a tad cold..(runners weather)

# of Participants: 229 (record attendance!), 175 Finishers, 28 Relay Teams and 6 TBR residents.             

Volunteers: Suzan Caudle(Asst RD), Ron Lubowicz, Girlstown crews-Robert, Walt and Marla & their crew of 10 at 3 water stops, Tony Aleman, P.J.Mitchell, George Jury, Ray Major, Rose Hoeve, Larissa True, Laura Lappe, Jimmy Clark, Jon David Bruegel, Albert Burrier, Terry Dalton and Donna Dean.  Thank you Very Much!                                                                                 Relay teams:  28 total/2 person and 4 person, from Honey Elementary, Bayless and 7 opens.  Overall winning teams were dot dot dot Chocolate and Sole Sisters. Larissa True, Rose Hoeve and Donna Dean did a great job organizing these teams.          Individual Winners:  Overall 4 mile winners were Lucas Morris and Amanda Boston.  14K winners were David Boston and Iris Rivero.
Photos:  see our website for a link to 3 slideshows, courtesy of Suzan, David, Christine Young and Robert Marshall  

Texas Boys Ranch is a very gracious host and has repeatedly expressed their appreciation to the WTRC and their presence at the ranch for this memorable event.  We hope you will continue to support it and continue to spread the word to your friends.   

David Higgins, Race Director


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Friday, 22 January 2010
Loop The Lake RD Report
Topic: LoopTheLake Report
Loop the Lake 2010
With it’s auspicious weather prognostication, the Loop the Lake race had much greater participation than most would have imagined. Greeted with 18-20 degree weather to start the morning, by race time all seemed very well and good. Everyone seemed to have a great time, as evidenced by 133 individuals finishing the race and more records being set. While the Overall Winner in the 2-mile event was Lucas Morris of Lubbock with an outstanding time of 11:43, the highlight of the new records was Amanda Boston as she set a new overall female course record time of 14:03!!
There were 9 other new records established. Three were in the 5-mile event, and six in the 2-mile event. In the 5-mile run, and age division 16-19, the race’s Overall Winner Julian Flores (27:25) and KT Manis (27:40), both of Hobbs, NM, beat the age-group record of 28:17 previously established in 1997. Also, Bob Jackson, M50-54, of Hobbs (29:04) and Deb Hendley, F 60+ (44:15) of Lubbock set new age division records.
In the two-mile run the following records were set:
M 40-44: Scott Burris, Lubbock with a time of 15:01
Clydesdales: Milt Brownfield, Lubbock, with a time of 15:52
F 16-19: Amanda Morris, Lubbock, with a time of 16:28
F 20-24 Amy Martin, Lubbock, with a time of 16:51
F 25-29 Amanda Boston, Lubbock, with a time of 14:03 **
F 50-54 Glenna Beyer, Lubbock, with a time of 20:11
F 60+ PJ Mitchell, Lubbock, with a time of 18:17
Congratulations are in order for, not only the new record setters, but everyone who came out to run Saturday morning!! You did something less than 2% of Americans even think about doing!!
Of course, none of this would have happened if it were not for the enormous amount of support and assistance from the volunteers on race day. Behind the scenes, George Jury prepares our award labels and puts out the course markers while many are still sipping their morning coffee.
Brad Morton and Myriam Guardiola work the computer for the listings and times. David Higgins and Suzan Caudle work the registration as well as take the photos for the race. Others that were so vital for the success of the race are: Tyler Livermore, Rick Lampe, Epi Aguirre, Cody Miller, Debbie Roman, Eddy Morelock, David and Karen Pyle, Tony Aleman, Shaun Fant, Brandon Berkshire, Laura Lappe, Wayne Sullivan, PJ Mitchell, and Bill Felton. The WTRC officers work tirelessly month after month to ensure that all runs smoothly. Sometimes other very important people are left off of the list of "thanks" and I want to thank everyone who assisted in the success of this race. May God bless each of you throughout the New Year, and I will see you at the Cotton Patch Run in February.
Jimmy N Clark (for the West Texas Running Club)
Loop the Lake 2010

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Thursday, 21 January 2010
Topic: Welcome

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